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Title: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ FIRST!)
Post by: Dr. Tran on August 10, 2010, 04:10:04 AM
Rules and Guidelines
We have few hard rules here but they will be enforced strictly.

A few guidelines, they are not enforced heavily but if they bother a staff member or a complaint is lodged with the staff we will enforce them.

Posting and replying
When making a new topic check and see if one already exists, it might and it may be better to join that one in stead.
When replying make sure you're on topic, and if the original poster has asked that certain subjects be avoided be mindful of this.  They may have wanted to avoid a certain discussions that have come up in the past and focus in a different direction.

Rule Violations
Points for rule violations are given out by the moderation staff either because they saw something against the rules themselves, or after reviewing reported posts.  The standard warning level is 25 points for each infraction up to a maximum of 100 points though the individual moderator may choose to give greater or fewer points at their discretion.

At 25 points and higher a member will be placed on a watch list for all moderators to keep an eye on.
At 50 points and higher a member will be unable to post.

Once per day a members warning level will automatically drop by 5 points so long as they have not been warned in the previous 24 hours.

The Final word
The last line on any rule interpretation lies with myself as host of the board, however I trust all staff members to do their job fairly and if they felt the need to step in I am unlikely to overrule them.  Unless I specifically over rule something any moderators decision in any matter is to be considered final.  You may make an appeal to myself by PM or email at and I will review the issue personally if you feel the need.
Title: Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ FIRST!)
Post by: Dr. Tran on August 23, 2010, 05:28:07 PM
Due to a general disregard for certain sections of the rules I am issuing the following addendum:

Certain types of actions are difficult to put into hard rules effectively however multiple rules and guidelines have been made targeting a ideal in that was in mind:

These are specifically pointing towards the understanding that not everyone shares the same view of things, some people may wish to discuss or otherwise explore ideas that are contrary to your own beliefs or, as the last guideline begins to move toward, the Mass Effect canon.

The frequently expressed idea that your view (whatever that may be) is the only view not only stifles creativity on the part of artists but creates an unwelcoming atmosphere for new members.  This is in direct contrast to the spirit and goals of the site and effective immediately I will begin issuing 1 day bans regardless of prior warnings or rule violations for any posts that I feel to not follow the spirit of these rules.  I may or may not issue rule violations in addition to or in place of this ban as I see fit.  As always if you feel that you have been dealt with unfairly by either myself or another member of the staff in these matters you may contact me via PM or E-Mail at and I will review the matter.
Title: Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ FIRST!)
Post by: Dr. Tran on January 30, 2011, 05:19:25 PM
Updated the Rule Violations section to match the new moderation system in place.  All rule violations formerly on all members have been wiped clean but remember:  We still know your history. ;)