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October 09, 2017, 07:00:36 AM

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The quality of steel can be divided into ordinary carbon steel (including phosphorus, sulfur higher), high-quality carbon steel (phosphorus, sulfur low) and high-quality steel (including phosphorus, sulfur lower) and premium High quality steel.Stainless Steel Sheets,Stainless Steel Coils-Miele Metal1. Stainless steel water tank used in 304 and 201 stainless steel, the surface is usually matte. So we look through the naked eye, hand touch the way to identify.304 stainless steel tube quality and performance2. With a polisher installed on the grinding wheel gently polished two boards, polished when the 201 plate of the spark is relatively long, thick, and more, on the contrary, the 304 plate of the spark is relatively short, Polished force must be light, and two kinds of grinding force consistent, easy to distinguish.eastasia metal,stainless steel sheet3. Apply a stainless steel pickling cream to 2 stainless steel plates. 2 minutes later, look at the changes in the color of stainless steel smear. Color black for 201, white or do not change color for the 304Best high strength 304 stainless steel plate